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Dangers of Mold from Water Damage

When water damage causes mold in your home, it needs to be taken care of right away. California Steam Clean does mold remediation and can help in this situation. Mold causes various health problems, some more serious than others. However, health problems from mold like respiratory problems, pneumonia, headaches, and asthma are serious.

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California Steam Clean – 5 Health Hazards of Flood Water

When your home floods, grabbing a bucket in an attempt to remove the water is instinctual. Instead, take a deep breath and contact a water damage restoration company for a safer solution. Floodwaters from a weather event carry everything in their wake into your home. The result is hazardous to your health and your family’s. [...]
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A Fresh Start with a Clean Carpet

It’s a New Year! Get a new, fresh start with a carpet cleaning from California Steam Clean. We have served our friends and neighbors in Santa Rosa for almost a decade, and we can tell you there’s nothing better than the fresh, clean feeling you get after you have your carpets professionally cleaned. We ask […]

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Don’t Let Water Damage Drag You Down – Call in the Professionals

Don’t let water damage leave you feeling down. A water damage restoration company, like California Steam Clean, is just a phone call away.  And we know how to handle the situation with fewer worries for you.  When you contact a professional company like California Steam Clean, rest assured that we’ve dealt with every type of

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4 Reasons Water Damage is So Daunting

Standing ankle-deep in water is wonderful at the ocean, but quite the opposite when you are in your living room. When your home floods, it’s normal to worry about how to get all the water out of your house. It’s overwhelming. The worry becomes worse if you start to consider what is being ruined. You […]

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When You’re Ankle-Deep in Water, Call the Professionals

You step into your basement and get a sinking feeling. You realize you’re ankle-deep in water and suddenly need a water damage restoration company. All you were trying to do was to store the Christmas decoration tubs before making dinner!  In this situation, don’t feel overwhelmed! You’re fortunate if you’re in Sonoma

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What’s the Stuff Behind the Wallpaper? Mold Remediation

You finally got around to stripping the old wallpaper in your bathroom. But you stopped in your tracks when you discovered black spots on the back of the paper and wall. The best thing to do in this situation is to contact a mold remediation company right away! Black spots are a sign of toxic […]

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Start the New Year with Professional House Cleaning

Don’t spend your precious time trying to reclaim your house from the holidays! Start your New Year off right with a professional house cleaning from California Steam Clean.  It’s official! The holidays are over. With friends, family, kids, and pets coming in and out of your house, it stands only makes sense that you could

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Can’t Keep Up? Call for Home Cleaning Services

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed? Does it feel like your chores are piling up, and you just cannot get motivated? Don’t worry! You are not alone. Give yourself a break. Call California Steam Clean to provide premier home cleaning services.   After all the stress and worry of the last year, plus the hustle and [...]
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Come Home to Disaster? California Steam Clean Gets You Back to Normal

There’s nothing like opening the door to your home and stepping into standing water. Coming home to disaster is a desperate, sinking, frustrating feeling. California Steam Clean has been helping our friends and neighbors in Santa Rosa put their lives back together for decades.  As a family-owned and operated small business,

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