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Buying a New House? Here’s How to Recognize the Signs of Water Damage

A water damage restoration company can treat water damage in your brand new home.

Congratulations! You recently bought a new house. Or maybe you’re in the early stages of the process and still looking. Either way, it’s time to acquaint yourself with signs of water damage. If your new home has water damage, a water damage restoration company can help.

Here are the most common signs of water damage:

1. A Foul Odor

Where there’s water damage, there’s mold. Mold leaves behind a foul, musky odor. This odor is instantly recognizable. So, if you smell it, you need to start the hunt for where the water leak is.

Most agree that this odor smells like a stuffy attic. It also smells damp. Look out for this odor in your attic, basement, and closets. Likewise, look for it in your bathroom and laundry room as well.

2. Bubbling Paint or Wallpaper

Is your painted wall chipped? Is the wallpaper bubbling, too? This isn’t just a surface blemish. Generally speaking, this is a sign of a water leak behind the walls.

The pipes that make our home efficient run behind walls. When a leak occurs, it’s not always readily apparent. It’s possible that the previous homeowners weren’t aware of it. Chipped paint or bubbling walls or wallpaper is a common sign of water damage.

3. Wet Spots

Are the wooden beams in the attic wet? Do they have dried water stains? If so, there’s a water leak that needs fixing. These wet stains can blend in, especially in poor lighting conditions. Take a flashlight and inspect your wooden beams and floorboards for damp or dark spots.

In fact, water stains are one of the most common issues new homeowners face.

4. Higher Utility Bills

This is one you may not notice right away. However, if there’s a leak, it will eventually spike your monthly water bill. If you notice an increase in usage that doesn’t make a lot of sense, it could be a sign of a burst pipe behind the wall or a leak.

Don’t overlook this. Higher utility bills can spell a lot of trouble for you down the line, as well. This is especially true if the leak goes untreated and causes more damage.

5. Increased Humidity

Is it hotter all of a sudden when you walk into a room? The more water that leaks out, the higher the humidity levels will be. This is because there might be a hole in your ceiling that forces your home’s HVAC system to work harder to keep it cooler. As a result, your home isn’t as cool as it should be.

These high humidity levels aren’t just uncomfortable to be around, either. In fact, moisture and humidity levels create the perfect conditions for mold. Mold leads to allergic reactions, skin irritation, gastrointestinal issues, and insomnia if left untreated. It can worsen asthma symptoms, too.

Does Your New Home Have Water Damage?

Do you suspect your new home has water damage? Don’t handle it alone. Call the water damage restoration pros at California Steam Clean for an appointment.

We have the tools and experience to treat water damage and its aftermath. Furthermore, we’re all IICRC certified. Call today at (707) 236-8798. We proudly offer free estimates as well.

Knowing the signs of water damage is important for any homeowner. When you discover it, knowing who to call for help is just as critical.