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fire and smoke damage

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

When you live in California, you can never be too prepared for fire damage. That preparation includes having a good fire and smoke damage restoration team. Whether you’re dealing with a damage from fire season or an indoor kitchen fire, we’ll get your home back on track in no time. Don’t make a stressful situation any more stressful. Give us a call and simplify your home’s restoration.

It’s Not Just Fire

Yes, fire causes a lot of damage. It burns through structures and leaves you with a huge mess. However, the fire itself isn’t the only thing that causes concern. You need a team that can handle fire damage and all of the incidental damage that goes along with it.

First of all, there’s the water damage. Any water that was used to put out the flames can cause long-term damage if you don’t remove that water quickly. Your restoration team should be able to handle water extraction, drying, and water-related damage repair. Then there’s the damage from smoke and soot. Soot leaves stains, and the smoke smell won’t go away without professional help.

The good news is that California Steam Clean can take care of all your fire damage. Call us and we’ll get started right away

fire damage before restoration

Call 24/7 For Your FREE Estimate!

residential fire and smoke damage

We Handle Everything

When a fire damages your home, your first thought may be “What do I do now?” We know that you’re overwhelmed, but you only have to do two things: protect your family and call California Steam Clean. We’ll handle everything. Here’s what we do for fire damage restoration:

  • Water extraction
  • Drying
  • Restoring salvageable items
  • Repairing structural damage
  • Smoke and odor removal

From start to finish, we have the whole process covered. You take care of your family, and we’ll take care of everything else.

Satisfaction Guarantee

At California Steam Clean, we don’t take money from unsatisfied customers. Unless you’re 100% satisfied with our work, you don’t pay. That’s our guarantee. Let us know if you’re unhappy with any of our work. We’ll come back right away and fix it.

24/7 Service

Fires can show up at any time, but so can we. California Steam Clean has a 24/7 emergency service. You can call us at any time, and we’ll be there right away to get to work.

Don’t Wait

Fire restoration can’t wait. The longer you wait, the more damage you face. Call California Steam Clean right away. We’ll have you back on your feet as soon as possible.