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What Should I Do if My Home Floods?

If your home suffers an unexpected flood, a flood damage restoration company can help mitigate the damage.

Floods are unpredictable, and so is the damage they can cause. According to research, the city of Santa Rosa, California, is at risk of flooding over the next 30 years. Knowing what to do if and when a flood occurs is an important part of making sure your home is protected. This includes knowing how to stop the water at its source and calling an experienced flood damage restoration company for help. 

Here’s what you should do if a flood occurs unexpectedly: 

1. Leave Your Premises and Do Not Return Until It’s Safe to Do So

If a flood occurs, it’s never a good idea to stay inside. Floodwaters are known as Category 3 water because they contain harmful contaminants such as animal waste, pesticides, and other pathogenic materials. This type of water damage can cause infections. You will be alerted of an impending flood before it occurs, so you should have enough time to seek shelter elsewhere. Once the authorities give you the all-clear, then you can return to your home. 

2. Shut Off the Electricity

Once you’ve been given the all-clear to return, turn off your electricity. As we know, water and electricity don’t mix, so you don’t want to expose your home or your family to any additional damage. However, if you’re shutting the electricity off, there are some rules you should follow. First, only do it if it is safe to do so. If it is not safe, call a professional electrician to come out and do it for you. If it is safe, make sure you’re wearing rubber gloves, boots, and other protective material to avoid electrocution. 

3. Document the Damage

Before removing water from your premises, document the damage. Take photos of the water, as well as any objects that have been ruined as a result of the flood. If you call a professional like an electrician to shut off your home’s power, keep all receipts. You’ll need to present them to your insurance company. 

4. Remove the Water

Grab buckets and start scooping the water out of the house. You may need to use a wet-dry vac to help soak up the rest of the water. Once the water has been removed from the premises, move any water-logged items such as furniture, books, and other belongings outside. 

5. Dry the Area

If floodwater sits for too long, it can cause mold to develop. Mold can be just as harmful as floodwater, resulting in allergies and the worsening of respiratory infections. Mold can even cause depression, insomnia, and severe illnesses in children. Once the water has been removed, open up your windows to get a cross breeze. Plug in a dehumidifier to help grab any excess moisture in the air. 

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