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The Holidays Are Coming! It’s the Perfect Time for an Area Rug Cleaning

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As a family-owned business, California Steam Clean understands the extra stress the holiday season can bring. Although we all enjoy getting together with family and friends, preparing your home for visitors can be stressful. Let us help! Call us for an area rug cleaning!

Whether your rug is a precious family heirloom or just a few years old, a professional cleaning will bring your area rug back to life by cleaning and restoring color, and removing odor and possible allergens. As you begin making to-do lists in preparation for the holiday season, make sure calling California Steam Clean for a professional area rug cleaning is on that list.

Area Rug Cleaning Process 

Area rugs require a specific cleaning process. Although they may feel similar, area rugs are manufactured differently than wall-to-wall carpeting. For that reason, California Steam Clean employs a thorough and thoughtful 9-step cleaning process for area rug cleaning. 

1. Inspection. 

First, a trained and experienced technician will perform a detailed inspection of your area rug, determining fiber type, construction style, and soil conditions. Then, we’ll choose the best cleaning method for your area rug. 

2. Colorfast Test.  

Testing for colorfastness is critical to the process. These test results then determine the most appropriate cleaning solution. As a result, rug dyes will not bleed during cleaning.    

3. Dusting. 

You would be amazed at what comes out of a rug during a thorough dusting using professional rug dusting equipment! Area rugs trap dust, pollen, pet dander, allergens, and embedded soil. Therefore, a complete dusting is an essential step at getting a thorough clean. 

4. Cleaning. 

Depending on your area rug, we’ll either submerge, pre-spray both front and back, or clean the rug with one of our low-moisture methods. 

5. Rinsing, wringing, and neutralizing. 

This process removes all cleaning solutions and any embedded soil that was broken loose in step 3. Excess water is removed in this process, too, which dries the rug faster. 

6. Advanced stain treatments.  

After this, should your rug require it, we deep clean any remaining stains with advanced stain removal solutions and techniques. 

7. Clean fringes. 

We untangle and separate all border fringe to clean it. If bleaching is required, we perform that step during this process.  

8. Groom fibers. 

A technician brushes all the natural fibers with the grain to cure and dry. 

9. Hang dry.  

We dry all the area rugs entrusted to us in a controlled drying environment and employ high-speed blowers in an effort to speed up drying time and eliminate any problems due to moisture. 

Confidence and Trust

We understand how sentimental and unique area rugs can be. As a result, we treat them with the best possible care. We don’t use harsh chemicals, and we have the expertise to handle and restore the rugs carefully. We know you will be pleased and we provide all our clients with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Let California Steam Clean take the stress out of your holiday preparations. We are IIRC certified, have an A rating with the Better Business Bureau, and are part of the Santa Rosa Business Chamber of Commerce. Call us today for a FREE estimate for all your area rug cleaning needs.