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Professional Window Cleaning: Let the Light Shine

window cleaning

How does the world appear outside your window? Crisp, clean, and inviting, or discolored, smudgy, and streaked with pollen and dirt? When was the last time you cleaned your outdoor windows? If it’s been a while, you’re not alone. However, it’s not uncommon for outdoor window cleaning to be at the bottom of most chore lists. 

Even with the best equipment and cleaners, outdoor window cleaning is wet, sloppy, and messy. However, a complete and detailed window cleaning is far different from the paper towel, squeegee, and over-the-counter glass cleaner you’ve thought about using! 

Call California Steam Clean to give your windows a professional, thorough cleaning. You’ll be amazed at all you will be able to see once we are done! 

Why Professional Cleaning? 

Who has the time? If your lives are as hectic as most people we know, you don’t have the time or energy to devote to cleaning your outdoor windows the way they likely need to be cleaned. It’s a messy job, too, with cleaners, equipment, water, and hoses. Do you have the equipment you need readily available, so you don’t cause more streaking and smudging? Plus, you’ll likely get drenched in the process.  

Our team will spot any trouble early. We have cleaned thousands of windows. We take a professional look at your windows and alert you to any issues before they become more serious. Rotting sills, poorly fitting screens, broken seals, even small chips in the window you may not have noticed – we take note and make sure you know to take steps to find solutions before they become real problems. 

Extend the life of your window. It stands to reason that removing contaminants is a positive thing for the general health of your glass. Not only are dirty windows unappealing, but lime deposits and other build-ups can also make your windows more prone to future cracks and chips.

Keep bugs away! Window cleaning helps you spot and dispose of any problem areas. In this way, you and your family can be safe from bee, hornet, or wasp nests. In fact, for families that enjoy spending time outside, this can be a real long-term value. 

About Us 

California Steam Clean takes extra care and time in our window cleaning process. We make sure to remove all tree sap, bird and pest droppings, and built-up dirt and grime before we even begin. Our approach is thorough and deliberate, guaranteeing you superior results. 

As a family-owned and operated business, California Steam Clean has provided professional window cleaning services to the Santa Rosa area for decades. 

Fully licensed, insured, and certified by the IICRC. California Steam Clean treats our customers like we would want to be treated. However, our superior customer service has solidified our reputation with our friends and neighbors. Our customer satisfaction guarantee means you won’t be disappointed. 

Don’t waste a weekend lugging a ladder around your house, getting wet and frustrated in the process. Call California Steam Clean TODAY for a free estimate. Let us show you what you’ve been missing!