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Area Rug Cleaning

Is your area rug looking dull and dirty? A professional cleaning job can bring that rug back to life. Whether it’s an antique rug or just a few years old, you need a cleaning team that knows proper rug care. California Steam Clean is just the team you need. With our in-plant rug cleaning service, we’ll bring that area rug back to life so that it can keep adding beauty to your home.

Care for Your Rugs

Area rugs can feel similar to ordinary carpets, but they’re very different. First of all, rugs usually have different fibers than what your carpets have. They often have natural materials, whereas carpets have synthetic materials. Second, the dyes in area rugs are applied differently, so they need different tests for color fastness before the cleaning process starts. Finally, area rugs often carry more sentimental value than carpets do. Many are antiques and require extra care. All of these factors add up.

As a result, area rugs require a special, careful cleaning process. Hiring the wrong cleaning company could spell disaster for your rugs. Thankfully, California Steam Clean knows exactly what to do. We treat your area rugs as if they were our own. We put the most care into our cleaning process so that you don’t have to worry. We don’t use harsh chemicals, and we have the skills and training we need to treat your rugs correctly.

Call 24/7 For Your FREE Estimate!

In-Plant Cleaning

At California Steam Clean, we take care of your rugs in our own plant. Why does that make a difference? In-plant cleaning means that your rugs get the best treatment. We clean your rugs in a safe, controlled environment. We supervise everything that happens to your rugs. Your rugs also get consistent care and conditioning as they dry.

Satisfaction Guarantee

When you choose California Steam Clean for your area rug care, you get a complete satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with our work, we’ll do everything we can to make it right. Until you’re completely satisfied with your area rug cleaning, you don’t pay.

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