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4 Reasons Dog Owners Need to Invest in Professional Carpet Cleaning ASAP

If you own a dog, professional carpet cleaning can help eliminate odors they leave behind.

There’s nothing quite like owning a dog. That lovable, furry friend of yours can be a great companion. They can also leave quite the mess. Not only can they leave surface-level messes, but that mess can get deep into your carpet as well. Vacuuming and scrubbing problem spots can be fine but are temporary measures. Today we’re going to explore 4 reasons why you should invest in professional carpet cleaning if you’re a dog owner.

It Can Remove Bad Odors

Did your dog urinate on the carpet? Sure, maybe you tackled the spot immediately and tried to clean it, but the smell still lingers a bit. Using standard deodorizers only masks the smell and doesn’t get to the root of the problem. This is one reason you should get your carpet professionally cleaned. When you have a professional cleaning, you’re ensuring that industry-standard cleaners are being used to provide a deep clean to your carpet that will eliminate the source of the odor. This kind of cleaning goes beyond the surface to provide thoroughly cleaned carpets.

It Gets Rid of Dog Hair

Depending on the color of your dog’s fur, you can easily spot a fair amount of fur that has been shed on your carpet. Your vacuum will only get so much of that fur up, no matter how many passes you make over it. With a standard vacuum, you’re also going to eventually embed the hairs deeper into the fibers of your carpet. A professional carpet cleaner is going to have a powerful suction system that will lift all of that excess hair out of the fibers of your carpet.

It Can Help Your Allergies

Have you been sneezing a lot for apparently no reason? It might be due to pet dander getting into your carpet. Much like the hair mentioned above, pet dander can make its way into the crevices of your carpet fibers. Unlike dog hair, this is hard to see with the naked eye and can’t be picked up with a standard vacuum. With professional carpet cleaning, pet dander is removed from the carpet. This means that your allergies are no longer affected and your carpet is thoroughly cleaned. 

It Can Clean Up Stains

This might be the most obvious of the reasons, but it bears mentioning here. The messes your dog leaves can leave unsightly stains on your carpet. Scrubbing and vacuuming on your own can only do so much. In certain situations, it can even exacerbate how bad the stain is. Having your carpets professionally cleaned ensures that your carpets will look like new after they’ve been cleaned. You are also getting a deep clean that goes beyond the surface. While the visual of the stain will be gone, you can also be sure that the stain has been removed down to your floorboards!

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