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Do Pipes Burst in Warm Weather?

A professional water damage restoration California company can help you take care of a burst pipe during the summer months.

Burst pipes are just a wintertime problem, right? Wrong! Though they may be more common during the colder months, burst pipes do happen when it’s warmer. And when they do, you need to call a water damage restoration California company for help. 

Common Causes of Burst Pipes During Warm Weather

There are several reasons why pipes burst during warmer weather. Here are a few of the most common causes: 

High Demand

When the weather is extremely hot, it’s usually followed by increased demand for water usage. People take longer, colder showers. They put on their sprinklers. They water their lawn and plants more often to keep them from drying out and dying. 

All of this increased demand puts pressure on pipes, which may cause them to leak. 

Old Age

The water pipes in your home can last for a long time. For example, those made out of PVC can last up to 50 years. Likewise, those made out of galvanized steel can last up to 80 years. 

However, depending on when you bought your home, your pipes may be nearing the end of their shelf life. When your pipes are old, they’re more prone to leak and burst.

Large Tree Roots

Another big problem that could cause bursting water pipes is large tree roots. Though not exclusive to summer, tree roots sometimes put a lot of pressure on water pipes. Over time, this could cause plumbing pipes to break. 


Burst pipes are commonly caused by clogs. Over time, water pipes get clogged with hair, grease, and dirt. This restricts the flow of water. When this happens, it results in burst pipes. 

Warning Signs of Burst Pipes

There are many different causes of burst pipes in the summer. But how can you know one is imminent? Fortunately, there are a few common warning signs. Here are a few you should be cognizant of: 

  • Higher utility bills
  • Recurrent water leaks 
  • Low water pressure
  • Hissing or banging noises coming from the pipes
  • Brown or dirty water

Can You Prevent Burst Pipes? 

It’s not always possible to prevent burst pipes. However, you may be able to reduce the likelihood of them by cutting down on how much water is running at a time. For example, don’t run the dishwasher while you’re using the sprinklers. Overuse can lead to issues. 

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Though burst pipes aren’t as common during the warmer months as they are in the cold, they can still happen. When they do, you need a trusted water damage restoration California company to help. 

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