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Common Causes of Water Damage in Walls

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Unlike other types of water leaks, you might not realize that there’s a leak behind your wall until the damage is already severe. A broken pipe usually causes water damage inside your wall. However, this isn’t the only cause. Read about the common causes here. If you suspect or find water damage, turn to a water damage restoration company for help. 

Most Common Causes of Water Damage Inside Walls

As mentioned, broken pipes commonly cause water damage behind walls. This includes water pipelines, which distribute hot and cold water throughout the house. If they burst due to lack of insulation and cold temperatures, this could lead to water leakage. 

Other common causes of water damage inside walls include: 

  • Ceiling leaks caused by roof damage
  • Punctured water pipes

How to Spot Water Damage Behind Walls

To treat water damage, you have to spot it. Here are the most common signs of water damage inside walls: 

  • Structural issues and/or collapse
  • Mold growth on the wall. Remember that mold can grow in as little as 24 hours after being exposed to water. 
  • Rotting and/or weakening wood that is at risk of collapse
  • Stained/yellowed surfaces
  • Bubbling wallpaper 

If you recently painted your walls but notice them fading after a few weeks, this can also be a sign of interior wall water damage. 

Your Drywall May Have to Be Replaced

Depending on the severity of the water damage, you may need to have your drywall replaced. If this is the case, then your water damage restoration team will come in and remove the affected drywall and disinfect the area so mold doesn’t grow or continue to grow. 

Regardless of the severity of water damage your wall suffered, we have the knowledge and resources to treat it effectively. If your entire drywall doesn’t need to be replaced and just part of it needs restoration, we’ll handle that. For surface-level stains, you may be able to wash them with some detergent and repaint it. 

Did Your Home Suffer Water Damage? Call the Water Damage Restoration Professionals at California Steam Clean

There’s nothing fun about treating water damage yourself, especially if it’s inside the walls of your home. Whether you don’t have the necessary supplies or time, the team at California Steam Clean can help. 

With years of experience under our belt, we know how to find, treat, and prevent water damage from occurring. We’ll offer advice on what you can do to avoid this issue happening again. Call California Steam Clean today at (707) 755-7190 to schedule a water damage restoration appointment. We’ll be happy to help restore your home after it suffers water damage. 

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