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Mold After a Flood (What to Expect)

Mold remediation can kill mold at the source so it doesn't grow back.

The last thing you want is for your house to flood. Not only is there water damage involved, but the cleanup is a lot to deal with. Another thing you have to worry about after your house floods is mold. Mold can start growing 24-48 hours after a flood. If you’re looking to get rid of mold from your home, you need to act fast and have a professional mold remediation team handle it.

Do I Need to Get Rid of Mold After a Flood? Why You Should Hire a Mold Remediation Company

The short answer is yes, you do. There are two major reasons to remove mold from your home. First, it can cause damage. Mold likes to feed off of wood and drywall. The longer you wait to remove it, the more damage it can cause to your home. This includes serious structural damage that is costly to repair. The other reason is that the more mold spores grow and spread through your home, the bigger the health risk it poses. Moreover, these symptoms might start as coughing and watery eyes, but they can develop into asthma and serious respiratory issues.

How Do You Get Rid of Mold?

After a flood, there are a few steps you should take to remove mold from your home.

Turn off Electric and Remove Excess Water

First, you need to turn off the electricity in your home. Don’t attempt to do this yourself. Be sure to hire a professional to come out to do it. Otherwise, you may be putting yourself at risk of serious injury or electrocution. From there, get a sump pump or a shop vac and remove the floodwater from the area.

Remove Water-Damaged items

Next, you want to remove any water-damaged items from the area. This includes boxes, furniture, and pretty much anything else that isn’t nailed down. This clears the area and makes it easier to handle the rest of the process.

Clean the Mold

From here, the mold needs to be effectively cleaned. A professional should be able to clean it with an industry-standard cleaner. This will prevent the mold from growing back.

Dehumidify the Area

From there, use a dehumidifier to reduce moisture. A dehumidifier grabs excess moisture from the air that would help promote mold growth. This makes water damage repairs easier moving forward, while also making it difficult for mold to grow and spread once it’s been through the cleaning process.

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