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Ho, Ho, No: How to Prevent Mold Growth on Your Real Christmas Tree

Christmas trees can develop mold that can trigger allergies, which is why calling a mold remediation company is important.

The holiday season is upon us, and many California residents will be putting up their Christmas trees. While real trees smell nice and help to get everyone in the festive spirit, they can attract mold if not properly taken care of. Like lumps of coal, mold can put a real damper on your holiday festivities, which is why it’s necessary to call a mold remediation professional as soon as possible. Here are some common tips to prevent mold growth on your tree.

How Common is Mold on Christmas Trees? 

Researchers have found that there are 53 different types of mold living on real Christmas trees. Many of these, such as Cladosporium and Aspergillus, can trigger allergies and other respiratory problems. In fact, one study found that 5,000 mold spores can be found per cubic meter within two weeks of the tree being displayed. 

Since mold is such a common problem with real Christmas trees, here are a few steps you can take to prevent it: 

1. Wash the Tree Before Bringing it Inside

After you cut your tree, make sure you wash it before bringing it inside. Washing it can help dislodge these mold spores so they don’t scatter once they come in contact with your ventilation system. You can use either water or vinegar to clean it.

2. Use an Air Purifier

One easy way to prevent mold growth on your Christmas tree is by plugging in an air purifier. Air purifiers trap different allergens, such as mold. Run the air purifier in the same room as your Christmas tree to maximize its effectiveness. Many air purifiers on the market can remove 99.97% of mold spores from your home. 

3. Only Leave It Up for a Week

While many people want to leave their holiday decor up for weeks or months at a time, that’s not always possible with a real Christmas tree. Since mold commonly grows on real Christmas trees, experts recommend only leaving your tree up for a week, then promptly throwing it out the day after Christmas. This will help reduce the chance those mold spores have to grow and take over your home. 

4. Shake It Out First

Before bringing your new tree indoors, you should shake it first. This will help dislodge mold spores. While it won’t get rid of all of them completely, it can dramatically reduce the number you’re bringing into your home. 

5. Consider Getting An Artificial Tree

In order to limit the chance of your tree getting mold, you may want to consider getting an artificial tree. This is because they’re not quite as prone to getting mold. However, if it’s stored in a moldy attic, it could be exposed to mold that way. We suggest pulling it out of storage, taking it outside, and using a leaf blower to blow off any dust and mold before bringing it back inside.

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