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How to Treat Mold in Your Bathroom

Did you find mold in your bathroom? Call a professional mold remediation company for help.

Oh, no! Did you recently discover mold in your bathroom? Don’t panic. One quick call to a qualified mold remediation company can help.

But how did that mold develop in the first place? Is there anything you can do to prevent it? Once developed, can you treat it? Knowing the common causes of mold and treatment methods is step one. Keep reading to learn more.

What Causes Bathroom Mold?

Mold thrives in warm, damp conditions. As a result, your bathroom provides the perfect breeding ground for it to grow and spread.

Bathroom mold is caused by several things, including wet tile and grout and water leaks. In some cases, mold grows due to a lack of sufficient ventilation. Broken HVAC systems could result in higher humidity levels, which also leads to mold growth.

By knowing the common causes of mold, you can take proactive steps to prevent it. This includes everything from drying off your tile floor after you get out of a shower to making sure your home’s HVAC system is working.

How to Treat Mold in the Bathroom

Now that you know what causes mold in your bathroom, how can you treat it? If it’s only a small amount of mold, mix some water and bleach and spray it on the affected area. Let it sit for at least 10 minutes and then scrub. This should be effective in treating it.

However, if there’s more severe water damage to the area, there are more extensive steps that need to be taken.

First, you need to shut off the water going to the bathroom to prevent further water damage. Then you need to remove as much water as you can. This will probably require that you get a shop vac to suck up any water that may have pooled in the area.

Next, remove any water-damaged items from the area. This could be items that were under your bathroom sink or elsewhere in your bathroom. This helps prevent the spread of mold.

Then, have a professional come in and clean the mold. They’re going to have the proper equipment and industry-standard cleaners that will not only remove mold but will kill off what’s in the area. This kind of cleaning does more than your average bottle of bleach.

Finally, the area will need to be dehumidified. This helps remove any remaining moisture in the area. Not only will this make it easier to fix any water-damaged areas, but it will also help kill off any remaining mold spores that may still be there.

Does Your Bathroom Have Mold in it? Don’t Let it Become a Bigger Problem! Call California Steam Clean for Professional Mold Remediation

No homeowner wants to find mold in their bathroom, but unfortunately, it’s all too common.

If your bathroom has mold, don’t panic. Instead, call the trusted mold remediation team at California Steam Clean. We have the tools and experience needed to treat any mold problem, big or small.

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