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What to Expect When You Hire a Flood Damage Restoration Company

A flood damage restoration company will remove water from your home and treat the subsequent damage.

Experiencing flood damage is a difficult situation. To make matters worse, it’s not an easy process to clean up and get things back to normal. There’s water that needs to be removed, mold that needs to be cleaned up, and other water damage that needs to be addressed. This isn’t a job that you should be handling yourself. This is a job for a flood damage restoration company.

Today, we’re going to talk about what you can expect when you hire a flood damage restoration company to take care of your flooding issue.

What Does a Flood Damage Restoration Company Do?

When you’re dealing with a flooding issue, a restoration company is going to come in and take care of the flood damage. Here’s how the process works:

Shut Off the Circuit Breaker

First, they’re going to shut off the circuit breaker to your house. This ensures that an electrical current isn’t traveling through the water, which could cause electrocution. This makes the rest of the process a lot safer to deal with.

Remove Water

Next, they are going to get a pump and remove the floodwater from the area. Any extra excess, such as smaller puddles of water, may be dealt with using a shop vac. 

Remove Water-Damaged Materials

Then all water-damaged materials are removed from the area. This includes any furniture, boxes, or other materials, like carpeting, that can be removed easily. Not only does this make it easier to pursue the next steps of the restoration process, but it also minimizes the spread of mold.

Clean Up Mold

The next step is to sanitize the area to not only remove mold but also to prevent mold from growing any further. This process involves more than just using off-the-shelf bleach. A restoration company is going to have a professional-grade cleaner that is specifically designed to tackle mold growth.

Dehumidify the Area

Then, to remove any remaining moisture from the area, the company will use a dehumidifier. Not only does this serve the purpose of drying out the area of any leftover moisture, but it also helps kill off any remaining mold and prevents it from growing.

Begin Repairs

Now that the area is dry and all mold is removed, you can begin making repairs to any water-damaged areas.

If You Need a Flood Damage Restoration Company, Call California Steam Clean

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