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A Beginner’s Guide to Professional Odor Removal

Lingering home odor

No homeowner wants to hear, “Do you smell that?” If you can’t get rid of a lingering odor, you may need professional odor removal.

If you have aired out your home and used air fresheners and that odor just isn’t going away, you need to call the specialized technicians at California Steam Clean for professional odor removal.

No matter what the cause, it is crucial to get to the origin as soon as possible to prevent possible damage and eradicate the odor at its source.   

California Steam Clean has served Petaluma and its surrounding communities for over nine years. Our family-run business takes care to build professional relationships with our customers. We care for your home as if it was our own. 

When you can’t get rid of that lingering smell, call California Steam Clean for a FREE estimate for our professional odor removal today.

Odor Basics 

Pets are an extension of the family, but even the most loved pet can have an unexpected accident from time to time. Lingering pet odors are some of the toughest odors to be rid of. 

Pet stains are like an iceberg. There is often more to the stain than what you see on the surface. Because pet urine quickly sinks through the carpeting to the padding, and sometimes to the sub-flooring, it’s important to treat pet stains as quickly as possible. Pet urine contributes to bacterial growth and persistent odor – even if you can treat the stain you can see. 

Dormant odors seem to resurface during humid, rainy, and even warm weather. Usually, we can rid your home of these stale odors, but not always. 

Our Odor Removal Process

In addition to the standard 12-step carpet cleaning process, we also have a two-phase odor removal process. 

Our Phase 1 Treatment Process is for a milder odor issue. 

  • High-Power HEPA Vacuum – removes dry soil, pet hair, pet dander, and allergens embedded into carpet fibers  
  • Enzyme Pre-Spray – breaks down proteins in urine, as well as oxidizes the stain, and deodorizes carpet
  • Carpet Brushing – removes more hair and breaks down any pet soil 
  • Extract and Neutralize – thoroughly rinses carpet using hot water extraction process; neutralizes fiber leaving no sticky residue behind

Severe odor likely means contamination to the backing of the carpet, padding, and sub-floor. This requires a more extensive treatment plan.

As a result, our Phase 2 Treatment Process is administered after the standard 12-step carpet cleaning process. 

  • Step 1 – pull back carpet and padding and remove any contaminated carpet strips. To completely remove odor, we treat the deepest level of contamination. 
  • Clean and Seal Sub-floor – clean and seal sub-floor with an oil base primer to remove odor and cover stain. 
  • Prep Area – protect walls and other areas with 2 mil plastic sheeting  
  • Treat Carpet and Backing – submerge and soak contaminated carpet for 1-4 hours in enzyme-, odor-, and stain-fighting solution
  • Rinse – rinse entire area; clean and flush front and back of the carpet
  • Dry – place high-speed air movers
  • Replace Underlayment – install new padding and carpet strips 
  • Re-install – restretch and tuck carpet in place

Pet stains are a common cause of lingering odor; however, you may also have hidden water damage, mold growth, or even previous smoke damage lingering behind. Don’t worry! California Steam Clean has the experience you need to find and rid your home of lingering odor at its source.  

In addition to our incomparable customer service, we provide a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. Because of this, you won’t be disappointed. Call us today for your FREE estimate.