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 5 Small Benefits of Tile & Grout Cleaning That Make a HUGE Difference

Professional tile & grout cleaning extends the life of your tiles.

With regular cleaning, your tiled floors and backsplash will not only look good, but they’ll also enjoy numerous benefits. Below, we take a look at just five of the benefits tile & grout cleaning offers (and why you should call a professional for help):

Blocks Spills and Future Damage

Because grout is an absorbent material, it gets dirty fast. One little spill is all it takes to look unclean. Fortunately, a professional tile & grout cleaning technician will apply a sealant to your grout to prevent this.

No more stains!

It Creates a Happier and Healthier Home

These things go hand in hand. Professional tile & grout cleaning removes dust and other allergens that puts us at risk of allergies and illnesses.

When you breathe better, you feel better. Plus, seeing a clean tile floor just puts you in a better frame of mind.

Extends the Life of Your Tiles

Without proper maintenance, it’s easy for things to break down over time. And your tile and grout are no exception.

There are several reasons for this. First, many household cleaners and scrubbing tools can’t effectively get rid of all the stains. If these stains sit for too long, they can break down the materials.

Second, without the proper tools or experience, you may accidentally scrub too hard and dislodge one of the tiles. This creates a whole new headache. If you want your tiles cleaned, call a professional for help.

Removes Mold

If you have a tiled shower, you probably also have mold. Mold is difficult to remove by yourself and requires the skill and experience of a professional.

They know how to identify the species of mold and use the correct cleaner to kill it at the source. Trying to remove mold from your tile yourself may cause more damage and discoloration. This is especially true if you use bleach.

It Saves You Both Time and Money

Another big benefit of professional tile & grout cleaning? It saves you both time and money.

Removing stains from grout is sometimes trial and error, so you spend way more time trying to clean than you have to. Likewise, all of those household cleaners and tools cost a lot of money. And, unfortunately, they may not always work.

When you call us, we know what your tiles need. There are no guessing games.

How Often Should You Have Your Tile and Grout Cleaned?

On average, maybe one or twice a year. Generally speaking, this will keep your grout in good shape.

Call California Steam Clean for All Your Tile & Grout Cleaning Needs

Since there are so many different types of tile, you need to hire a professional who knows the specific ways to clean each of them. That’s California Steam Clean.

We will safely and effectively clean your tiles so they look as good as new. Call us today at (707) 236-8798 for all your tile & grout cleaning needs.