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Water Damage After a Rainstorm: What to Expect and How to Treat It

A water damage restoration professional can help clean up and prevent mold after unexpected damage from a rainstorm.

Maybe you didn’t realize you left your windows open. Or maybe there’s a crack somewhere in the door frame that lets water in. Perhaps you didn’t realize you had a ceiling leak until it was too late. However, if water damage occurs after a rainstorm, a professional water damage restoration technician can help.

However, there are a few things you should know about how damage like this occurs and what you can do to protect yourself from it.

Common Causes of Water Damage After a Rainstorm

There are many causes of water damage after a rainstorm. The most common is when the gutter is overloaded by the amount of rain. A gutter directs the flow of water from your home so it’s disposed of properly. When there is too much rainwater, the excess may flow over the side and straight into your home’s foundation. Over time, this leads to severe damage.

Furthermore, rainwater may seep into the cracks of your home, like through your ceiling, windows, or door frames. Damage like this leads to warped floorboards and mold growth, especially if it’s not noticed right away.

In cases of severe rainfall, a flood may occur. When they do, they wreak havoc on your home and require professional flood damage professionals to fix.

How to Treat Water Damage Caused by Rain

Treating water damage caused by rain varies on the severity. For ceiling leaks, grab a bucket and place it beneath the leak. Next, take photos of the damage for your insurance company and call a ceiling repair company to fix the issue.

For small leaks that come in from cracked doors or windows, grab a towel to wipe up the excess rain. Make sure you block the cracks so more water doesn’t go in there. Once dried, clean up the area with a household cleaner. The faster you clean it, the less likely it is that mold will grow.

Mold causes severe structural and health issues. Unfortunately, it starts growing in as little as 24 hours after water damage. Don’t make the mistake of letting water sit because you’ll “get to it later.” Waiting too long costs you both time and money.

Finally, if you experience a flood, make sure you and your family are safe. Once it’s safe to return home, wear protective gear to shut the electricity off. Then, begin collecting water via buckets and taking it outside.

If this is too much to do (which it usually is), call a water damage restoration company for help. They’ll remove water-soaked items from your home, dry the area out, and disinfect it.

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